ISU Sites lets you build a professional personal website in minutes. It's as easy as ... 

  1. Log in to 
  2. Choose the type of website you need, accept the terms and conditions, and hit the button.
  3. Zoom! In a few minutes you will receive an email at your ISU email address with a link to log in to your new site.

Fill out your information and you're ready to go.

Editing Your Content

A full suite of content editing tools are built in so you can create your content beautifully without having to code. Add pictures, embed video, attach files, create buttons, links and tables with the Editor Toolbar. 

You create your content, we handle the rest

Security updates, accessibility improvements, and new features are under constant oversight by a dedicated team of your colleagues. A detailed help site has both text and video walkthroughs for all ISU Sites features, and the Solution Center is standing by ready to answer your questions.