ISU Sites are "born accessible" meaning they have been designed from the ground up to meet digital accessibility standards so that all users, regardless of their level of accessibility need, can access online information. 

What makes ISU Sites accessible?

ISU Sites is built to conform with Section 508 Information and Communication Technology Accessibility Standards and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) at the AA level. Here are a few examples: 


Navigation is tested to be intuitive. The menu structure is clear and concise, and links are easy to browse with a mouse, keyboard, or screen reader.


Legible typography, clear color contrast, easy-to-use forms, clean user interfaces, and responsive tables are web design best practices that create a clear and consistent user experience for both site visitors and content-creators. 

Fast and Clean 

ISU Sites is built with quick, clean code ensuring speedy load times even on slower connections. Optimized images, cached pages, and efficient backend architecture keep your site secure, sturdy, and available to a growing number of users. 

Tools for you

Everyone can contribute to digital accessibility. It's a key part of making the internet better for all, so ISU Sites provides site owners the tools they need to create accessible content. 

  • Empowered content-editing: It's easy to create headings, buttons, tables, and properly annotated images.
  • Ongoing training: Attend regularly scheduled webinars to get tips and tricks about digital accessibility, and get your questions answered!

Learn More

Do you have more questions about digital accessibility? Visit ISU's Digital Accessibility website for videos, tutorials, and more detailed information on creating and maintaining accessible content.